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What are customers looking for in a developer?

  • 01

    • Honesty/Integrity
    • Fair and reasonable price
    • Price they quote is the price you pay
    • Full understanding of what the home owner will receive in writing
    • Any changes to be finalized, reviewed and signed off by both parties

  • 02

    Staying on budget - both parties need to understand the budget and scope of work requirements

    a) need an experienced estimator / designer / trade partners to ensure that all materials provided are within the scope of work and budget.
  • 03

    Staying on Schedule: Commitment in writing;

    a) How many jobs does the company have on-going, will that effect my time schedule?

    b) Poor design or changes to the scope of work can ultimately delay a project – this must be addressed by both parties in a reasonable time frame to ensure the job will be completed as close to the completion date as possible.
  • 04

    Completing the Job – This is a huge concern to customers: Why are renovations not completed and how to prevent that from happening:

    a) require a clear understanding from the first meeting regarding expectations/time lines- this way all parties, including the customer are accountable throughout the process.

    b) make sure both parties agree on a completion plan

    c) ask for a hold back on the completion payment until the project is complete. There is a fine line here regarding completion etc. Again, have everything in writing regarding expectations.

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